• Image of The Growth of Sins

Each flora element in its original oil painting on glass is a figurative and metaphoric representation of one of the seven deadly sins from noted in flora meanings and symbolic botany based on the language of flowers:
(right to left clockwise)

Lust: Coriander
Anger: Petunia
Pride: Clematis
Sloth: Burdock
Envy: Hyacinth
Greed and Gluttony: Jasmine
Lastly, the fig is the representation of the forbidden fruit, known in some Eastern cultures, as well as femininity in the flaw depiction that women sin more than other noted throughout history; even though it is more so by the individual rather than the gender itself to this day in age. Original painting was created with oils directly on glass, giving these prints an shadowy gaze effect similar to the original when hung.

Mini print info:
Open miniature, archival print on Finesta Luster Art Paper.
Open edition (no limits to reproduction).
First image print for size reference.
Print size: 4.50"x 6.75" Paper size: 5"x7"


Large, limited edition print info:
Limited archival print on Finesta Premium Glossy Fine Art Paper.
Edition of 10, signed and numbered. Once sold out, never to be reprinted again in this format.
Embellished with gold ink making each LEP uniquely their own. Glossy finish makes it look like real glass painting in your possession.
Second image of print size reference.
Print size: 10"x 13.10" Paper size: 11"x14"

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